LI Sports Network Network was founded by PROFESSIONAL television and media experts. Our objective is to provide high quality sports video productions at a reasonable cost.

LI Sports Network Network stays on the cutting edge of Television, internet broadcasting and social media to give you the ultimate professional experience.


– EVERY game is shot in FULL HD with professional grade equipment.
– Full Games uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo upon request
– Highlight packages featuring High Definition Motion Graphics
– EVERY video we produce is social media friendly and easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and more!



Full game is filmed digitally in HD (1080p) by a professional camera operator, using professional grade equipment¦ Games are shot like a REAL pro game.
– proper pans and zooms
– no shakiness.
– perfect color reproduction.

Game footage is edited using professional broadcast / film editing suite.
– Remove any downtime between whistles. (altercations and injuries are also removed)
– Signature HD Graphics added to video.
– Working HD Video scoreboard tracks the action.
– Slow motion replays, digital zooms and goal scorer graphics added upon request*

Footage is Logged into a Database where it is stored permanently¦ NOT shot to tape or DVD where there is a substantial drop-off in quality.

– No loss in quality
– indexed for easy retrieval, for future production.
– Secure Backups keep videos forever.
– Coaches/parents can retrieve footage at any time, upon request.

Footage is uploaded online

– Game is uploaded to our server for easy search and playback
– Video is also uploaded to YouTube and/or Vimeo for internet sharing.
– The game is now fully searchable and shareable on social networks and via email.
– Games are available for direct download by request at LISPORTSNETWORK.com

ALL LI Sports Network Videos are viewable on ANY:

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • PC
  • Mac
  • Game System
  • AppleTV / Chrome Cast
  • ROKU
  • GoogleTV
  • Verizon Fios Set-top box
  • many more!!!!